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We are excited to announce Coach Abbie Lane, Apex 11 National Navy Head Coach, as the lead instructor for our new Sport Performance training sessions. 

Abbie Lane is a new addition to our APEX staff in 2020.  Abbie was a former collegiate volleyball player at the University of Kansas, she will bring not only years of experience on the court, but also will be leading our young athletes in sports performance training clinics.  Abbie is a certified youth exercise specialist and NASM certified personal trainer.  Abbie was the head coach at St. Teresa’s Academy in Kansas City for 6 years before moving to Springfield with her husband and three children.  While in KC, she also coached for the MAVS organization and led her 12-1 team to the National finals. 

The sports performance training sessions will be one hour training session for young athletes, currently just ages 10-13.  These sessions will focus on helping our athletes become more dynamic and efficient while educating the importance of total body control and strength.  These classes will consist of a variety of drills and exercises using equipment such as plyometric boxes, agility ladders, agility hurdles, jump ropes, and more. These drills and exercises will improve vertical jump height, speed, agility, and overall performance.

Cost per session will be $10.

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