Nick Hostetter who recently graduated college with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology is running these classes. He is a certified personal trainer through the N.A.S.M and has worked with nearly 100 clients. He is in his master's in Athletic Training at Missouri State University.

These classes will consist of a variety of drills and exercises using equipment such as plyometric boxes, agility ladders, agility hurdles, jump ropes, and more. These drills and exercises are sport-specific and will greatly improve vertical jump height, speed, agility, and overall performance in order to have an advantage over your opponents and win games.

$12 per athlete

Please note: We require a minimum of 3 people signed up. We have the right to cancel the class or you can choose to make it private.


Privates are available for $35 a session. Please contact Nick at to schedule a private.

Please understand, Nick is currently in school. His schedule may be limited.

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