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This is the link to the BSN store where you can find player gear including warmups, knee pads, backpacks and some apparel.  This store is run directly through BSN and you will be paying them for your items in this store.  Please note the store closes December 21st.  Unfortunately, these items will not be here in time for Christmas, but you can always print out a picture :)


We have a store of our own for the Apex Windbreaker that I was showing you in our team meeting. It is under the shop link. This is a special order and must be paid for by December 21st.  I do not have a way to collect money through the store like BSN does so therefore you will have to pay via venmo, paypal or The Clubhouse.  This will be the only time you can order a windbreaker as this takes a lot of my time :) 


Lastly, we have our Apex sweatshirts and t-shirts that you can purchase as spirit wear or an extra practice shirt if you would like.  These are in our stock room and you can purchase these Monday - Thursday 5pm to 8pm. (Basically if Sue and I are there but not during a tournament).  I have limited sizes right now, but I just placed another order and anticipate having those in The Clubhouse in two weeks.

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